Our experience in export

tr   Experience of the derivation of Ukrainian manufacturers on EU market

  • Certification of organic fertilizers (in 5 public institutions) (2015).
  • Derivation of organic fertilizer on the market in Poland, negotiations with distributors and manufacturers of fertilizers, participation in exhibitions (2015, 2016).
  • Derivation of the Ukrainian manufacturer on the Polish market of electrotechnical products – negotiations with partners, participation in the exhibition beginning of sales (2016).

tr   The experience of cooperation with EU manufacturers and exporters.

Search of trade partners and support of the export of EU companies from various branches (projects were implemented during the 2013-2014 years):

  • Manufacturer of chemical materials for enterprises engaged in casting – Ukraine, Belarus, Russia.
  • Manufacturer of Means for disinfecting in the food industry – Ukraine, Russia.
  • Manufacturer of cosmetics for hair – Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • Manufacturer of specialized machines for municipal services – Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  • Fruit and vegetable producers – service of exports – Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • Manufacturer of canned food – Kazakhstan.

tr   What markets do we work?

Central-Eastern Europe

  • Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine – the biggest country of the Central-Eastern Europe, priority market for exporters.

Commonwealth Independent State

  • Belarus and Kazakhstan – attractive market in CIS

Turkey – a promising market for exporters.

In our company work people who speak in English, Polish, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish